8 Things You Should Clean This Summer

Do you want to relax this summer? Do not let cleaning chores take your summer vacation time. During summer, the heat can even end up causing more problems that will need your attention and that should be addressed quickly. Get ready to prep your home for warm times. Keep your home tidy and organized with these summer cleaning tips that will help you get through summer with a wonderful home. The following are areas that could need some thorough sweeping and cleaning!


As you put away season clothes like winter clothes and bring warm weather clothes out of storage, take this opportunity to clean your closets from top to bottom. Begin by setting aside unworn clothing to donate, separating it from the clothes you are still using and give your closet a sweep, making sure to remove all the dust bunnies you find in there.



It is important to keep your fridge clean. This is where you keep the food you consume everyday so make sure to include it in your daily cleaning routine. There is never a bad time to deep clean your fridge, but the idea of keeping it spotless and ready for fresh summer produce is certainly not bad. Wipe down the trays and drawers with a sponge and soapy water, making sure to get rid of all the food that could have been left behind. Any parts that are removable can be scrubbed in the sink and you can even let the water sit on them for a little while. For particularly sticky messes, try using natural remedies like lemon. When everything is clean, make sure to do a wipe-down with a spray bottle full of diluted vinegar. It will disinfect without adding any harmful chemicals to your food storage area.


Let some light in! Open your blinds and get your windows sparkling clean. So, you can rest easy, we bring a homemade window cleaning solution that will leave those windows squeaky clean. Mix one part (you guessed it) distilled vinegar with 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle. Spray on the solution, then use a towel that is lint-free in order to avoid any streakiness and wipe down the window. Use a second clean cloth to dry the window thoroughly after you are done. Our best recommendation is to clean windows when the sun isn’t out. After all, the sunlight can leave unfavorable streaks on your windows


Remember spring cleaning? Well, you most likely did some patio maintenance back then. However, summer is another great time to sweep your deck or patio thoroughly. Your patio is basically the one that gives your backyard presence, finding a great match in your garden and making your home shine. Make sure to treat it as such! Spray down your dusty furniture and get everything in tiptop shape. Your patio is perfect to enjoy the balmy air and destress. In order to deep clean a concrete patio, you can start by mixing 1/2 cup of baking soda and one gallon of water for a perfect, gentle cleaning solution. You can even add some dish soap if you have stains that are harder to get rid of.


As we all know, dusting is a job we do year-round, but it can be an even bigger problem in the summer because most of us have our house sealed up with the air conditioner running. What does this mean? That the dust is probably trapped inside as well. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces. Dampen the microfiber with a cleaner, then start from the top with ceiling fan blades or the edges of your roof and work your way down to tabletops and other furniture.


Ah, laundry. A task not many people want to tackle, especially with a big pile of it lying around waiting for us to take it down. Beach towels, bikinis, uniforms will definitely be in use this summer which will subsequently create more and more laundry to do. No one wants smelly clothes so try to do at least one load every 2 days, keeping everything fresh. If you want to fight away strong odors, make sure to add half a cup of white vinegar to your cycle or baking soda. Get rid of those stubborn odors!

Trash cans

We produce trash every day and by that we mean every single day, without fail. So, since we were speaking of smells just recently, hot weather tends to make trash more stinky than usual. Make sure to take out your trash without giving it the chance to disperse or mingle with your fresh air. Also, once in a while, take your empty bin outside and scrub it with soap and water and rinse it with your garden hose. Also, if you want to spruce up your smells you can add a cotton ball with some essential oils and give your trash can and the room where it is in a new fresh scent.

Kid clutter and toys

Since everyone is spending most of their days at home, playing around and such. With kids a bunch of messes will surely add up. Make sure to try and minimize such messes by letting them put their toys back in their respectful places. If they have toys that they do not use or haven’t used in a while, try to donate as much as you can. Leave them only with the toys they use the most.

Staying tidy is the best for a clean and fresh home! Contact Gomez Cleaning for Summer Cleaning.


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