A guide for organizing your closet

We all have gone through our clothes and encountered a very full and messy closet, all this happening when choosing our outfit and without our awareness. It is until we cannot find the necessary clothes and accessories to put together an elegant and well-combined outfit that we worry about organizing everything.

Keeping a clean and well-organized closet comes in with a bunch of benefits, it will help you achieve a perfect and well-polished look and will come in very handy even on the busiest mornings.

You have no idea what to do or where to start? Well, In Gomez Cleaning Service we got you covered. Our professional cleaning team has listed a series tips and tricks for you, to facilitate your organizing methods and making your space more organized and cleaner.

If you haven’t thought of this yet, you probably play a great part on the mess going on around your closet. You need to get rid of your old clothes, the one you don’t use anymore and just accumulate space on your dresser.

Let’s be honest, it may not be easy to choose what things you don’t want anymore, but by getting rid of all those old clothes you will be gaining more space in your closet and also free up some space for new looks.

Another thing you might have to keep in mind is that by organizing your clothes you will be optimizing the visibility of it. When maintaining your closet in a constant disaster, some pieces of clothing might me difficult to see, this meaning that they’re not visible easily.

That’s why you should order your clothes so that you can see them in their entirety, a tip we recommend is trying to hang as many clothes as possible. In this way, it will be easier for you to put together your clothes and you will not have to use the iron all the time. It might also help you reach your clothes easily and have a better display of your outfits.

In these next tips we’ve come with some solutions that could make your closet a well-organized space, our cleaning staff recommends incorporating these practices onto your daily life for better results.

1.Placing your blouses and tops on hangers, this way they will always be well stretched and visible. It also makes it easier to reach out and helps visualize better. All of this comes in helpful on those mornings you might me running out of time.

2.Dividing your Sweaters into a different space and area. Chunky sweaters take up a lot of space, if possible, try to hang them up. Depending on the weather on the place you live on, sometimes sweaters might not be used a great part of the year. Try to organize this area each season to accommodate your clothing to the weather needs.

3.Organize all your pants by color, in this way it will always be easy to combine them. If you have a lot of jeans, sort them from lightest to darkest. Or another way you can stack them up is by most to least used, this way you have on top the ones you use on a daily basis, and those ones you might only use certain times on the bottom. This way on your day to day your pants are at the reach easily and wont waste time looking for them.

4.Hang all your dresses according to their length (the long ones in the back and the short ones in the front), so that you can always see those that are further down. This helps you keep track of what you own and will give you a better look of it.

5. Organize your shoes according to their use, this way you won’t have to dig through your closet every time you want to wear those specific tennis or heels that you like so much. Another thing you might want to add is a shoe hanger, that has bags in it to store your shoes. If you don’t count on many spaces on your closet area, adding this will help you a lot.

 6.Fold the heaviest clothes, as mentioned before garments such as thick sweaters are much better folded if they’re not frequently used. Especially because this will help them maintain their shape and, in the process, you will keep your closet tidy.

7. Instead of throwing away clothes you don’t use anymore, consider donating it. You should make a pile of donations. Those pieces of clothing that you don’t use anymore are just taking up space in your closet. Better donate them to someone who can really use and need them.

8. Something very important, is to avoid nostalgia. Getting attached to material things such as clothes will lead you to accumulate an excessive number of unnecessary things. Keep the memories and not the garment, because the only thing you will achieve by keeping them is a collapsed closet.

9. Lastly, apply and follow the 1 × 1 rule. Don’t shop something new until you get rid of some other item. This way you will keep your closet clean and avoid in accumulating clothes.

By practicing these tips you’ll certainly maintain all your clothes in order. In Gomez Cleaning Services we’re capacitated with a professional cleaning team that is ready to help you with your cleaning needs. Enjoy your life and let us manage your cleaning needs.


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