A Room-by-Room Apartment Organization

Be it small or large, apartments can also get cluttered and messy. In order to aid you with apartment organization we have brought a short room-by-room guide with a couple of tips that should help you keep your apartment tidy and exceptionally clean.

Just like any other kind of organization, apartment organization may seem scary but if we break it down into a room-by-room fashion it is much easier to handle. Today we will discuss two important rooms: the bathroom and your bedroom.

Starting with the Bathroom

The bathroom is where we start our day and where we get clean and ready, thus it would be hard to do it in a messy room.


Space can be a big problem in small bathrooms, so it is important to keep everything in a designed place. Also, get rid of things you know you will not need. Get rid of toiletries and equipment or items you rarely even use. If you have a medicine cabinet, try to keep just the essentials.

Declutter countertops

You come in everyday to get ready, use what you need, and keep it on your countertop. However, nothing makes a room messier like a countertop filled with stuff. One way to keep the mess at bay is by using storage containers. Use some for toothbrushes, and others for toiletries like lotion and soap. We recommend making use of shelves or baskets in order to hold hair straighteners, hairdryers, and others. If you share a bathroom with your roommates, investing in baskets can help keep everyone’s items separate and thus avoid any kind of problems in the future.

Now, the Bedroom

The room where you seek comfort every day, a true haven. It is one of the most important rooms in your apartment. Keeping it clean and tidy provides a healthy environment to relax in and also, in many cases, to work in. Organizing helps you open up your room, including the space you have in your closet as well as your work area if you happen to have a desk.

Make your bed

When your day begins, make sure to make your bed before leaving your room. Try to change your sheets every week as well. Remember this is where you lay every day. Cleaning it prevents dust and any other kind of dirt from accumulating. When you get into the habit of keeping your bed organized this can also influence the way you keep the rest of your room. You should also try to keep your pile of dirty clothes in a proper basket, be it in the bathroom or a corner in your room. Make sure to wash a load at least once every two days. If you let it pile up, you will most definitely get lazy and will not want to wash anytime soon, trust us.

Closet time

Closets are a bit tough to keep organized. We wear clothes every single day, so it is not unlikely for there to be a bit of a mess on the floor with a couple of things out of place. However, a good trick that can help you decide with clothes are worth keeping and which you should donate or at least move out of your closet since they occupy space, is by using your hangers. Keep all of your hangers facing one way and if you use an article of clothing, turn the hanger the other way. After a month or so, check what you have used and what you have not. You will be surprised that the majority of stuff might remain unused.

Another tip is to hang up some shoe racks, scarfs or place some shelves on the floor, keeping shoes elevated. Make good use of the space you have without cramping everything up.

Under-bed or furniture storage

If you have not been using the space under your bed, you should start now. Make sure to clean under your bed first, getting rid of dust bunnies in every nook and cranny. Then use your under-bed storage for seasonal clothing, perhaps even bulkier shoes like boots, or backpacks, purses, and even blankets. Buy new storage bins or use some lying around you think might fit under your bed. An important tip would be to label them before using them, so you have a better idea of what you have.

Use wall space

If you by any chance have a small amount of wall space that you do not really use, you can use it to prevent cluttering around your room. Use corner shelves or you can even hang baskets to place your books, picture frames, etc. You can even create a small bookshelf above your door or window and have it as a nice decoration. You can even decide to hang up some paintings to liven up your room a bit or showcase other pictures of memories you love.

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