A Thorough Deep Cleaning Guide

Deep house cleaning may be a bit complicated if you do not have the right idea of where to begin or what you need. However, we all in a way know about those cleaning tasks we tend to push aside until we really need to do them. For instance, when the inside of your oven is an absolute mess or when your bathtub could do some work. While the work may not be your favorite things to do, the compensation is great. That is why we have compilated a few steps that will make it all go seamlessly. Stop putting these tasks aside.

What do you need?

A couple of things you should have at hand for a thorough deep clean of your home include:

  • Disposable rags or towels that you will not mind getting rid of after you are through with them.
  • Your preferred disinfectant spray or soap.
  • Rubber gloves (do not wear out your hands)
  • Optional but you can carry a spray bottle that is half and half water and vinegar.
  • Buckets or containers where you have your clean water and another one for the dirty water. This will save you some work later on.
  • An old toothbrush for the tough spots.

Getting ready to Deep Clean your House


First, you might want to start with dusting and vacuuming. Begin by getting those ledges, above cabinets, light fixtures, etc. You can also check those family photos and the cabinets by the living room. Basically, try to get the places that are hard to get when you are doing your normal cleaning routine. It might be a good idea to get a ladder. Try to be thorough.


Change up your vacuum and vacuum your windowsills. Get rid of cobwebs, bugs, and any other sort of dirt. You can also clean the window screens but be careful not to scratch them up. We recommend you clean them with water and soap but avoid sunlight since it can leave streaks on your windows.

Blinds or Curtains

After cleaning your windows, you can give your blinds a proper deep clean by spraying them up with your vinegar concoction and then scrubbing them down, be it with a brush or one of the spare rags you have.


A fun trick would consist of flipping your broom upside down and getting all of the cobwebs out of the way. Now, get a ladder or a chair to wipe down ceiling fan blades. They are probably piling up dust by now.

Couch & other Furniture

When in your living room, you can begin by removing the cushions from your sofas. Once you have removed them, proceed by vacuuming the creases. These are the areas where most of the dirt accumulates at (food crumbs, pet hair, etc.) Once that is out of the way, put the cushions back. You can also move the sofas out of the way and clean behind it as well as under it.


Try to move stuff out of the way and spot clean stains on your rugs. A natural mixture consists of one to two drops of lemon oil mixed in with baking soda. Sprinkle them on the spot you want to treat and wait. Use your mixture of water and vinegar, spraying it on the spot. You might need to apply once or twice for it to fully have an effect.  You can also clean the spots of upholstery.


When you start cleaning cabinets and drawers, do it one at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself. Try to give them a thorough wipe down with one of your rags and your cleaning spray or vacuum them. Clean outside them as well, especially along the crevices.


Clean faucets all over the place with your water and vinegar mixture and give them a good wipe down with your spare rags.

Now these are only some of the areas you can deep clean, you can do as much as you want depending on how you handle your current daily routine and thus what areas need the most work.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Some of the benefits including a better indoor quality life. By thoroughly cleaning every area in your home including furniture, windows, cabinets, you are successfully getting rid of all the dust and possible allergens you are living with. These are the main causes of sickness. Clean your home. Breathe a cleaner, fresher air.

By cleaning you get rid of bacteria. A dirty environment is a home of viruses and other organisms. Contrary to normal cleaning, deep cleaning is more effective in eliminating bacteria and other germs.  Another great perk is you get to reduce mold. When you are deep cleaning, you have a higher chance of cleaning areas where you have mold growth.

Lastly, you can get rid of clutter. When performing deep cleaning, you will be moving all the items in your home. This gives you a good opportunity to get rid of anything that you are no longer using.

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