Clean your Balcony the Right Way

A balcony symbolizes a place of relaxation, a space where you can enjoy the scenery and also have time off for yourself. Balconies are quite essential because they represent a green space which brings the outdoors a bit closer to your home. 

However, a balcony can also be a very challenging place to clean and maintain. It’s a space where dust accumulates because of its contact with the outside. It’s constantly exposed to the dirt, grime, and dust of the city as well as other external conditions.

Even though it’s outside and you might keep the furniture covered all the time, it’s still in need of regular cleaning. With a thorough cleaning process, your balcony can become the source of comfort it has always been and a place where you and your family can hangout often. Try to keep your basic cleaning supplies at hand and organize your schedule as well to proceed with your cleaning routine.That’s why it’s important to make time for your cleanings. Avoid overwhelming yourself with so much stuff to do in a day. If you’re going to clean your balcony, only clean your balcony and nothing else that day. 

There are ways in which you can keep your balcony clean and looking its absolute best, regardless of any situation. 


You may have plenty of stuff around your balcony, giving it the personal touch you’ve desired. However, these items in the beginning can make it more complicated to clean things. That’s why it is best to clear your space away from everything in order to clean properly, don’t clean around.

Start moving all sorts of furniture out of the way including pots and other objects, leaving your floor clear. This will make it easier to visualize the dirty areas and clean the space properly. 


You’re going to notice that every item that you move out of the way is going to leave behind traces of dirt which will inevitably remain on your floors. To get rid of the dirt, start your cleaning with a quick and thorough sweep. Grab a broom, preferably a broom you only use outside,  and start sweeping the floor and clearing the space of leaves and dirt. When you have it all rounded up, sweep the dust into the dustpan. Make sure to have a trash bag nearby to dump all of your dirt. 


Use a cleaner diluted with water to wipe out the walls and the railings around you. You should make sure to scrub the corners and get rid of most of the grime. Once you are done with everything, crap a rag and rinse off the soap with some warm water. 


Just like floors, windows can have a lot of filth accumulated on them. The stains and smudges can be quite visible, especially during the daytime and if you’ve left it to build up for very long. Soon enough, the buildup will not only look bad but it can also represent bacteria and an unhealthy hazard. 

If you have windows around, be it really windows or sliding doors, grab a glass cleaner and start spraying them and wiping them clean afterwards with paper towels until the surface is entirely squeaky clean. 


Once the windows are clean, you can proceed with the cleaning of the floors of your balcony. For that, mix a cleaner (the best one applying to the surface in your balcony or a multi-surface one) with warm water and begin mopping your balcony. However, if your floors are kind of rough you might have to do a sweep later on with a scrubbing brush. Make sure to scrub thoroughly, getting rid of possible grime excess. When you’re done, give it a last round with the mop and wait for it to air dry. 


When the floors are completely dry you can start dusting off remaining dirt from your furniture and wiping it clean with the same mixture of cleaner and warm water. You can now start placing them back on their respective spots in the balcony. Being outside now, they will air dry. 

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Once you are swept and everything is dry, you can give a sweep with a power wash and do your best to reach all spaces with a hose.

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