Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping your space in order

Something about doing chores is always a off, we all have been to lazy to order our space and we lead it to these mess. Gomez cleaning services helps you leave behind your worries and do your cleaning needs. Not only that but through our weekly blog we offer tips and tricks that can help you keep in order your area.

Let’s put a daily scenario: you just wake up and its late, quickly change and leave your room a disaster. Later that day you come home and see the mess you left in the morning. What a nightmare! Gomez Cleaning Services is bringing to you a series of advice’s you can follow for a keeping your space in order.

First of all, don’t leave something “for later”: It takes just a few seconds to put things back in their place. Grabbed a pencil from your desk? Leave it where you had it. Small things accumulate fast, leading to a future disaster. A great example of this is making your bed in the morning, its just a simple task that helps maintaining your room in order. Just like that, it is simple to put your books and pencils back to place in your desk. Putting your shoes in their designated area instead of leaving them halfway your room. Leaving the toothbrush in a cup instead of the bare sink. As little as they may seem they make a difference in your space and come in handy a lot.

Make a to-do-list: it will help you track your chores and you’ll see results easier. Maintaining near the list will also help you remind what things are you missing to do. If you frequently go to the kitchen then we recommend placing the list there, or if you spent most of your time in your room or desk then place it where you think it’ll be to immediate reach and easy access to the information.

Declutter your spaces: go through your desk, kitchen, closet, basically every room in your place and throw away unnecessary things. Browse every area looking for things that are rarely used. If something is damaged, throw it away, analyze things that might need to be replaced.

Adapting these things to your routine can make a big difference. They might be tedious and won’t like to do it at first but in a great scale they benefit in your life. A clean environment is helpful and motivates you even more. Maintenance of these areas are important and by hiring a cleaning service you’ll forget about doing chores.

Things that are also important to mention are what tools you might need to complete these tasks. Here’s a list of supplies that you definitely need to incorporate in your cleaning needs list:


-Spray Bottle




-Disinfecting Wipes

-Paper Towels


And so, the list can go on, cleaning supplies have a big range of variety and count on many different ways and thing you can do with them. You aren’t familiar with these things? You actually don’t know how to use them or have no idea what they actually are? Don’t worry in Gomez Cleaning Service we manage all these things, as professional cleaners and with years of experience we’re acknowledge with everything needed to make the work.

During these times we’re all going through, and specially from the pandemic, something we’ve learned is that cleaning need are important. Maintaining a clean area should be a priority, that way we prevent bacteria from living in our space. Sanitizing constantly your most frequent visited spaces is a practice that has to be applied each day. Some things you can do to keep germs out of your place and still be organized are:

-Placing a shoe organizer near your door, so if you leave the house you can quickly put on your shoes and when you come back you wont enter your home with the shoes that have been outside.

-Buy a dish drainer, that way the kitchen area is all in place and avoid having dishes all over the place. Also adding a dish pan to the sink may come in helpful so you can have in a specific area the pending kitchen supplies to wash.

-Add trashcans in key areas like your room, kitchen and dinning area. This way any waste will immediately be placed where they go.

As well, implementing a schedule to do chores on a specific day helps keeping organized and motivates you more to finish tasks. Also, if you think cleaning is to much for you, cleaning company services are always an option to-go for.

Gomez Cleaning Services are here to help you. Remember Enjoy your life and let us manage all your cleaning needs!

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