Cleaning your Carpet like a Pro

Carpets have many perks as a flooring material. However, they might seem a bit complicated to deal with due to stains, food, or perhaps even constant traffic. In the following post we will talk about methods for cleaning care that can deal with vacuuming, stain removal, and overall making your carpet look better.

However, before you begin cleaning your carpet, you need to test first how colorfast it is. A colorfast carpet will not bleed or change when you are removing the stains. Also, testing this will help you determine the best cleaning methods for your carpet. The following methods may help you determine if your carpet’s colorfastness

First, you need to locate a carpet scrap and vacuum it. Afterwards, you damp a cloth with a carpet cleaner or the remover you want to use later on. Lay the cloth on the carpet for about an hour or hour and a half and blot the area with a dry white cloth. If the cloth is stained, try to use other carpet products that don’t make your carpet bleed.

Removing lose dirt and dust

If you do not have a vacuum, you can still clean your rug with a broom and a dustpan. The process will be simpler if you have a low-pile carpet or rug since the broom will be able to sweep smoothly. Now, if you are attempting to clean high-piled carpet, which tend to be thicker as well, you might need some patience since the dirt can easily intertwine with the fibers. A useful tip that can make your broom more effective is by using a rubber band around them. This will make the bristles even more stiff and thus facilitate the process.


Before you decide to begin vacuuming, you should walk through your carpet and look for objects that are way too big to be vacuumed like toys, coins, etc. Be patient since these objects if not picked up by hand, can get caught in the vacuum and prevent the suction from working properly or cause any other damage to your machine.

As you vacuum your carpet, make sure to go back and forth slowly. Avoid going too quickly since this can hinder the proper work of picking up everything stuck in the fibers. That is why you should try to run the vacuum slowly in one direction and then pull it back. Continue with the other sections.

Once you are done, you can repeat the process in the other direction for best results.

How to disinfect a Carpet

You can disinfect the fibers of your carpet with a brush and a homemade solution. In a bowl mix three parts of warm water and one part of white vinegar. Mix them well and then dip the bristles of your brush into the solution. Rub them in the carpet and try to massage them well into the fibers. You can also have a cloth at hand to get rid of the excess.

Getting rid of stains

If the affected area is wet or sticky, begin by getting rid of the excess with an absorbent cloth or perhaps even paper towels since they work well. Afterwards you can use a club soda to loosen the stain or a carpet cleaner, keeping an eye out for its instructions. Continue to blot instead of scrubbing.

Next, the rinse. You can use club soda if the stain is fresh to loosen it before it sets in, but also consider applying a carpet cleaner according to product guidelines. Always continue to blot at the stain and the cleanser, rather than scrub until the stain is properly taken care of.

Hiring a professional?

When it comes to hiring a professional, you can choose between either steaming your carpet or a dry extraction cleaning. With whichever method, since it requires a proper procedure, it is handled by a carpet cleaning professional that is certainly qualified for the process. Each method can absolutely transform your carpet. Carpet professionals have lots of experience and thus a lot of tools and materials that can aid them in their deep cleaning. Carpet cleaners also have more experience with how they remove the carpet stains.

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