Cleaning your home the smart way

Cleaning your Home the Smart Way

Every home, whether it be an apartment, a house, or a room, may have certain complications when cleaning it.  After all, every space gets dirty eventually. However, today we bring you a simple guide where we explain to you a smart way to get things done. This way we will name some tips and tricks that will help you clean thoroughly but also methodically.


Keeping the kitchen clean may be harder than keeping your living room clean. However, when you do, it is a pleasant area to work in. You can prep your meals and spend more time relaxing, doing everything else. A nice way to begin is by wiping surfaces and washing the dishes every day. This will prevent messes from being too time consuming in the future. Perhaps cleaning the dishes is not everyone’s favorite thing to do and you may think it is better to do it some other time. However, try to put things into perspective. If you let your dishes pile up, it will be an even worse job to do later on. Plus, think about the insects and such that it could attract. With that in mind, clean your dishes right after finishing your meal.

Make sure you clean your sink. The sink should be wiped free of bacteria and food particles every once in a while, with and all-purpose cleaner. Do not forget your faucet. It collects bacteria from your hands, especially when you are prepping something that is raw like meat or chicken.

You can wipe clean areas like the counter and the stovetops with your all-purpose cleaner. Stovetops especially need this daily cleaning after all the cooking that takes place. After all splatters and drips of grease, if not cleaned properly, can become stains on your stove.


The bedroom has plenty of areas that not only should be cleaned but organized as well. You can begin by making the bed or moving mugs and glasses that were used the night before to the kitchen.

Now, your bed sheets should be properly cleaned every week. A lot of factors can influence this time, but it all depends on organizing yourself to do the chore.

One way you can make your room look a little bit neater is by choosing a color scheme. If you do not have one, you’ll notice your room looks more cluttered than what it actually is. It does not have to be a complicated color scheme. One or two colors that you find around will do just fine. Try to coordinate your décor as well. It will give it a nice touch.

When you are doing your laundry, put away your clothes. We know sometimes your too lazy to do the task but part of doing laundry is putting it away. You would not want to leave things halfway. Have clothes that do not fit you anymore? Try to move them into a storage area. Right now, it is probably just unnecessarily cluttering your closet.

Living room

The living room usually does not get as messy as any other room. The key here is putting everything back to its original place and straightening anything else that is out of order. Items that do not belong can make their way in here. The idea then is to tidy everything up and remove items like for example shoes or cups. Once you are done removing stuff that doesn’t belong, get to straightening everything out. You can begin by making sure your sofa is neat, fluffing up its cushions and your throw blankets.  Straighten out the magazine pile on your coffee table as well. Your duster is your friend here. Give it a quick pass on pictures frames, bookshelves, TV, and any other things that could be accumulating dust. Also, do you have those annoying fingerprints on your TV screen? Microfiber cloths are excellent materials to eliminate smudges quickly.

Cleaning is key to keep every home fresh and comfortable. It can be a tedious job but if you organize yourself well, get other family members and assign them a room, you can have fun with the process. Responsibility is important too. Once you get into the routine of cleaning, it will get easier. The aforementioned tips will help you clean the smarter way and save you a lot of time. Once you are done, you can relax in the comfort of your neat home. You can decide to time yourself. Spend 30 minutes or more cleaning every day and you will see the overall result in a week. Be smart about it but do not forget to have fun.

Tired of cleaning your home by yourself? Feel free to contact us and ask us about our services. We will also schedule everything around you time. Enjoy your life and let us manage your cleaning needs!


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