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Cleaning your Living Room: Holiday Cleanup

Cleaning your living room is not an easy task, especially when you use it day-to-day. It may be a bore to clean it thoroughly. However, with our tips and tricks, you will be able to keep your living room tidy and clean without tiring yourself out completely. We promise you will be ready, waiting for your guests in the comfort of your clean house.

Helpful Cleaning Habits for your Living Room

One of the habits we recommend you pick up is trying to spend some time in cleaning it each day. This is how you will avoid huge clutters. You can call this cleaning care. Since the living room is a very frequented room, not only by yourself but by other people, it is good to acquire habits that will make cleaning an easier job.

Try to clean after you finish an activity, like picking up items you have been using or discarding trash properly. Another habit we recommend is getting used to doing small cleaning tasks whilst doing something else in the room. For instance, once you are finished with let us say watching a tv show, you can dust the area around you. It will not take more than five minutes.

Steps Before Cleaning

Now, for the big cleanup, make sure to gather all your materials first thing. Much like a spring cleaning, try to sort everything out before you begin. Also, relax, listen to music or perhaps a podcast. You will notice that time goes by swiftly while you are enjoying yourself. You also work more diligently.

Begin with your Holiday Cleanup

  • Begin with an easy cleanup. Clear out anything that is in your way like toys, magazines, papers strewn around, etc. Do not worry about too much in this first step since you will be getting to the main stuff later. Next begin dusting the TV, tables, and corners of walls. Also, photographs and frames. All of these are prone to accumulating dust easily so make sure to get all nooks and crannies!
  • You can proceed to take down your curtains and blinds. Maybe changing curtains is not very usual, but we do recommend you wash them or have them cleaned occasionally. Take advantage of this step and clean your windows. If you want to, you can even leave the windows open once you finish. That will bring fresh air into your room and it may even help drying stuff quickly later. Now you can dust and clean your couches. You can use a vacuum cleaner or simply a brush for this step. Do not forget to clean the pillows as well.
  • If you have an entertainment center with your TV and other devices dust it down as well. To make the job easier for you, try to unplug every device and clean them as well. Then, if you have rug and they are dirty you should find a cleaner or consider getting them professionally cleaned. To avoid this, vacuum them constantly, especially if this room is heavily frequented. This will prevent your rug from getting ruined.
  • On the other hand, if you have floors, clean them thoroughly as well. You can do this first with a broom to get rid of all the dust and dirt. Then you can go in with a mop to clean the surface. The materials you use to clean your floor, be it a polish or another, will depend on the kind of floor so make sure to get the right kind of product.

Organization and Finishing Touches

Once you are done cleaning everything in your living room, you can organize everything as you want it to be. Perhaps stacking up the magazines on your coffee table or fixing the pillows on your couches. Plug in the devices on the entertainment unit and fix the picture frames on the walls or on the tables.

You can also take advantage and decorate. Perhaps you have wanted to spice things up and now is the perfect time to move things around to try something different. Get rid of stuff you do not need, things that may be causing clutters around you. If you do not want to change anything, that is perfectly okay too. You can just put everything back to where it was. Close your windows and put back your curtains and blinds. You can even use Febreze or any other kind of air freshener for a finishing touch.

We personally believe that leaving your living room clean and fresh will motivate you to spend more time in keeping it that way. The same goes for any other room. Good cleaning habits are important to keep your life organized and to stay healthy. You do not have to spend hours and hours house cleaning.

First, know what you are going to do and know where to start. Make sure you have all the necessary materials or supplies. It is good to also have your materials organized in a container or cabinet. This will make them easily accessible. Most importantly, do not stress. Stress will make the cleaning process more arduous than what it is. Try to find something that you enjoy in the process and relax.

Any other tips you want to share or something you specifically do when cleaning your living room? Share your experiences down below!

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