Cleaning your makeup vanity

When doing your makeup things can get really messy. Maintaining your makeup area in order is important. Makeup goes straight in your face, and that’s one of the main reasons on why you should keep clean your area. Germs and bacteria can easily get attached to your makeup, then causing allergic reactions or acne.

If your makeup area looks messy and disorganized, well in Gomez Cleaning Service we’ve gathered a series of tips that will help you keep your makeup organized, clean and tidy. When you have a large amount of beauty products, you should keep them organized.  This can be easily achieved by applying these recommendations onto your daily routine. Maintaining organized your cleaning area can seem to be hard work but putting a little effort can make a great change in the way you keep in order your space.

First, you can visualize better your products if you have them placed in order. You can arrange cosmetics according to color, shape, size or brand. For example, if you have a wide variety of lipsticks then they can be arranged in different compartments, so it is easy to choose them. Keeping the firsts steps of your makeup routine in a specific box can come in handy when in a rush, or just for a better organization of your daily stuff. 

If you store all cosmetics in the proper place therefore you will know exactly where to look for each one of them. Later, when you are looking for a specific item, especially in a hurry it will come in handy.

Any makeup enthusiast will accept that they will never have enough makeup. But as your collection grows, having the right makeup organizer is crucial. Without them, you will soon be overwhelmed by the wrong lipsticks, makeup brushes and eye shadows.

Makeup should be on hand and visible so you can get ready every morning and come out looking to the nines. The idea of organizing it can be somewhat tedious, but we bring you alternatives that range from the ecological and traditional, to the most sophisticated and chic.

Ideas for keeping your makeup brushes in place

-Makeup Boxes are beautiful and minimalist. You can go to any store and buy them, some come with dividers for lipsticks and others with drawers to divide it.

-It is best to use clear and clear glass containers to store your makeup brushes.

-If you have brushes that you are not using at the moment or additional brushes, you can store them in plastic bags. Very often you get these free bags when you buy makeup products.

-You can also keep them in old coffee cups that you don’t use.

-The lidless candle jars and desk organizer boxes are also perfect for storing your makeup brushes without damaging the bristles.

-Other containers that can be used to store brushes are old toothbrush or pencil holder containers.

-You can also take a small vase and fill it with lots of colored marbles. Store your brushes in these.

Advice for storing lipsticks

-If you have sewing kits and boxes that are old and no longer used to store threads and needles, you can use them to store your lipsticks and lip glosses. They are perfect containers to store these items.

-Nowadays, with the option to buy things on the Internet, lipsticks and lip glosses are also ordered online. In that case you can get them delivered in a box. So, you can use this box to store your items. If this box is small to hold all your collections, then you can keep the ones you use frequently in the box. So, you won’t have any trouble finding them when you need them.

-A metal or glass plant container with a wide base and mouth is a great option for storing your lipstick and gloss. They should not be too deep.

-If you are a busy person and can’t spend time searching for your favorite colors, you can keep them in containers that make it easy to see and choose colors. Small glass containers are a great option for you. You can keep your lipsticks upside down in these containers, so you can easily see the color of each lipstick and grab the one you need.

Where to put your makeup pallets

-You can get storage trays that are used to store round paint containers. These are available at craft stores and are great containers to store your eyeshadow containers.

-The individual drawer-shaped bags you use to store your pens and pencils are also good for storing your eyeshadow containers.

-You can also buy a small shelf in the market, which have small plastic drawers. These are perfect containers for storing the shadow containers.

-If nothing is available, you can turn your old shoe box or other cardboard box into a warehouse to store your eyeshadows.

You can also get a hanging makeup bag with a lot of pockets in it. This way you can store all your items. This is a great way to carry your makeup items when you travel. Just roll up the bag and put it in your bag, and when you need it, unfold it and hang it on the wall.

Now that we’ve covered the topic of how to store your makeup supplies, you should apply these tips to keep them well organized before they are messy. Always remember that in Gomez Cleaning Service we help you with your cleaning needs.

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