Deep Cleaning Bathroom

Deep cleaning your Bathroom

You are probably expecting lots of guests these holidays and with lots of guests comes great responsibility. In this case, we will be talking about deep cleaning your bathroom, a holiday cleanup edition of sorts. Our tips will leave your bathroom fresh and clean. A clean bathroom plays a big role in an organized and virus-free home.

Before you start

Some simple tips you should carry out before beginning to include:

  • Try cleaning the room from top to bottom
  • Have your materials ready before starting to clean
  • Take everything out of your way so nothing will interrupt you whilst cleaning.
  • It may be hard if you get tired but do not skip places. You will end up going back to them later.

These are some tips we recommend to make the process less daunting and more approachable. Remember, making cleaning easier may encourage you to do it more often and thus, keep everything tidy and neat.


Some materials or tools you should have at hand to begin the cleaning process include some of the following:

  • Toilet brush: it will help you clean quickly without making too much of a mess. If you wish to not deal with a dirty brush after cleaning your toilet, you can consider getting a toilet wand. They are easier to manage.
  • Gloves: They are lifesavers. You will not need to worry about getting yourself too dirty. Also, you will not slack off or end up doing things halfway.
  • All-purpose bathroom cleaner: It makes things so much simpler. It ensures that any kind of dirt or bacteria is out of the way and it also helps you save up. You will not need to carry around too many products to clean.
  • Shower cleaner: This kind of spray you can add to the walls and floor of your shower and leave for a few minutes. When you come back to it, you won’t need to scrub too hard in order to remove all the grease and dirt.

Tips for cleaning your bathroom

Now, we know that cleaning the bathroom may not be the best task or chore. Notwithstanding, we will provide you with some tips that may help facilitate the cleaning process. Some may even include alternative products that you can find at home and that will work just as well for deep cleaning your bathroom.

  • Rid yourself of mold stains with baking soda: sometimes after cleaning, mildew will remain in certain crevices that maybe the all-purpose cleaner will not reach. However, that is an issue that water and baking soda can resolve. You can cover the mold stain with the mixture and let it sit for a while. Then you can easily rinse it with water.
  • Dryer sheets to get rid of soap that was left behind: Most of the time, soap gone dirty remains behind. Now, instead of getting a scrub or sponge you should consider using dryer sheets. Moisten it a little and then rub the area. Once you rinse it, the dirt is gone. You can also use the sheets to clean your faucet, leaving it shiny.
  • Get rid of mildew on your shower with a dish brush: Mold may surface on your shower walls and floors but do not fret. You can easily rid yourself of it with a dish brush together with a mixture of warm water and bleach.
  • Clean your shower head with vinegar: Cleaning your shower head is just that simple. Clean it with vinegar. You can do this whilst cleaning everything all by leaving it soaking a little while in vinegar.
  • Clean the bathmat: These tend to get very dirty. That is why it is essential to include it into your cleaning care. If your mat cannot be washed in a washing machine, grab some baking soda and sprinkle some on the mat. Let it sit for a while. It will get rid of the dirt as well as the odor. You can then use a vacuum to get rid of the baking soda or wash it by hand and let it dry out.

All in all, these are some of the tips Gomez Cleaning Service recommends for your home cleaning. Make sure to check out our cleaning tips for the kitchen and the living room. The bathroom is certainly no easy chore, but the purpose of these tricks is to make deep cleaning your bathroom doable and less complicated. We know the process can be overwhelming especially when you see everything you have to do. Nonetheless, that does not mean the process is impossible. Also, try not to postpone it because when you start leaving it for the week after, the deep cleaning that was going to take about 20 minutes now will take 30 minutes or more.

In need of a house cleaning Service in Maryland? Do not hesitate to contact us, one of the best cleaners, especially this Holiday season. Gomez Cleaning Service is at your disposition.

Have any tips yourself? Leave your comments below. We would love to read about your experiences.

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