Home Cleaning for Pet Owners

Do you have a pet?

They certainly make our life more joyful, but our homes tend to get kind of messier. It will feel like you are juggling more than two things at the same time. However, worry not! We have brought you plenty of ways to keep your home fresh and neat with this home cleaning for pet owners guide.

Robotic Vacuum

Now this one may not be for everyone, but it is a great investment, especially when it is designed for pet hair. It could be very helpful if you have lots of hairs strewn around your house. The vacuum makes it simple to forget about the hairs and move on to your other spring-cleaning areas.

Alternatively, if you do not feel the need to get a pet vacuum, you can manage the shedding of your pet by regularly brushing. It will decrease the amount of hair that is shed. You should brush your pet’s hair at least twice a week. Preferably, brush your pet outside and select the tools that are adequate for your pet.

Keep pets clean

If you see your pet accumulating dirt from the outside or hair that has grown far too long, it would be your best interest to start a grooming routine. Now, when it comes to bathing cats will clean themselves when they need to. However, dogs should be given a quick wash down with water every once in a while, especially when they look a little rough around the edges. You should shampoo your dog once a month, unless they are clearly dirty with mud, dirt, etc. Bathing them too much can dry out necessary oils in its skin. When you bath them, attempt to thoroughly dry them to avoid the wet dog smell and also to prevent him from running off to seek dirt.

Wipe their paws after walks

When you consider it, it seems obvious, but sometimes we forget about it. Wiping your dog’s paws after walks or after doing their business outside can keep your floors and carpets clean from dirt, mud, and any other grime they can gather outside. A good thing to keep near your pet’s entrance is dog wipes or paper towels for this purpose.

Clean your pet’s things

Remember to clean your pet’s bowl. Do not let them get slimy and dirty. You would not want to eat from it, and they would not want to drink or eat from it either. Studies even show that your pet’s bowls tend to have more germs than a kitchen sink. So, keep them clean for your dog’s health. Same goes for their toys. Keep them as clean as possible.

Also, try to clean stains immediately as they happen. Doing so will prevent odor and minimize the risk of your pet seeking areas to relieve him or herself. That is why it is best to potty train them. Let them go outside to do their business and properly clean them again before coming in. If your pet has an accident, try to clean as much as you can without rubbing it into the surface. Blot the area and use a cleansing product to neutralize the scents.

Store toys in one place

Before deep cleaning your home, keep in mind a good cleaning care routine would be much easier with your pet’s toys not lying all over the place. You can keep your floors neat and tidy by storing your pet’s toys in a basket or a container. Try to keep them in an area that will not disturb your regular cleanings and make sure to clean them as sometimes they can accumulate dirt or hair.

Pet illness

Is your pet sick? Feeling under the weather? You need to be aware of where germs lie in your environment especially when your pet Is recovering form his illness. If you can, be mindful of stuff your dog has touched while sick and disinfect it. You should also stay informed on how germs can survive in your environment for a very long time so be careful. Have good cleaning care routines in mind. Your pet’s health is very important and so get the needed vaccinations, clean their toys and keep giving them proper care.

Let some air in

Do you have some persistent smells going around your house? Something that should be part of your spring-cleaning routine is opening the windows of your home. Let in some fresh air. It does not have to be for too long, but it is necessary. You will see the difference it makes. Try to implement it into your deep house cleanings and see for yourself the perks of deodorizing.


Are you in need of a cleaning service? Home cleaning giving you trouble? Make sure to contact us. We will accommodate to your needs.


Also, leave your comments down below on what pets you have and how you keep your home clean. We would love to read about them.

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