How to Clean and Disinfect your Electronics.

Our electronics are the things we keep nearest and dearest to ourselves, we can’t live without our cellphone in our pocket, or a computer to work. Consequently, this makes them some of the dirtiest items that we own and that we don’t bother to clean. We’re all guilty of browsing on our phone while going to the bathroom, after all. Because of this, we found it necessary to give you a little guide on how to clean your electronics.

How to clean your laptop or computer screen.

To prevent a nasty shock. turn off the power, and unplug the device. If it’s a monitor, also unplug them from the PC. 

Gently wipe the monitor free of smears or dust using a microfiber cloth. If this doesn’t work, use a solution of diluted dish soap. You’ll only need a single drop of soap and the water should be warm. Dip a clean microfiber cloth into the disinfectant solution and thoroughly wring it out. This is especially important when you’re cleaning laptops, as you don’t want liquid to drip down through the keys. 

Gently wipe your display with the dampened cloth. Let sit for some time. Rinse all the disinfectant solution out of this cloth and wring it out again. Go back over your display to remove any residue. Once more, gently wipe your screen, this time using a dry microfiber cloth.

How to clean your keyboard

First, you should make sure your keyboard is unplugged, and if it’s a wireless keyboard, remove the batteries. If it’s a laptop keyboard, the laptop should be unplugged, powered down and (if possible) with the battery removed.

For all surface dust or crumbs, get a bottle of canned air to get rid of any loose particles in  or around the keys. To disinfect them, use a cotton swab or a lint free cloth, and put some alcohol in it. Not too much, since we’re trying to prevent moisture from getting into the electronics. You should also make sure that the alcohol won’t remove any lettering from in by doing a patch test first. 

After that, dry it off with a cloth. Don’t plug anything back  in until the keyboard is completely dry!

How to clean your phone and tablet

Considering just how much you handle your phone or tablet everyday, it’s not surprising that they can get really dirty. Get yourself a touch screen safe anti microbial spray, and spray a microfiber cloth with it, making sure to not oversaturate the fabric. 

Wipe down the screen, and avoid things like the charging port, and let the spray sit for the recommended time. After that, dry it off. Always remember to shut them off while cleaning them!

The covers could also use a thorough cleaning, For that, you can use water mixed with a few drops of dish soap, and dampen (not soak) a cloth. Wipe the cover down and rinse the cloth until it comes clean, and then wipe away any excess moisture. Leave it to dry overnight. Make sure it’s completely dry before you put it back on.

How to clean your earbuds

It’s important not to get water on those delicate devices, make sure to use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe them down. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to scrub off any stubborn grime if needed.

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