House Cleaning with Kids

Getting children to clean the house can be very challenging since many of them can see it as tedious or perhaps even a punishment. However, sometimes help is needed around a home and much so if everyone contributes to certain messes. If we manage to get the children to help, we can get the cleaning done faster and teach them important lessons at the same time. Now, the important question here is how to get your kids to help you clean willingly without making much of a fuss. Today we bring you some tips that may aid you to do so!

Cleaning can be fun if you approach it the right way with the right mindset. These tips should help you and your kids see cleaning as something normal and something you should not dread at all. This will make it more likely for them to clean up on their own when they are older. They will see it as a day-to-day routine which is a great perk of teaching them how to.

First you must organize yourself and the tasks you are going to do. Some helpful tips include the following:

Set a timer

Most of the time you assign a task to your kids they might get distracted and spend the rest of the day wondering what to do. However, if you set a 15-minute timer they can get the job done quickly without much of a fuss. You can even see it as a game, letting the finish quickly and efficiently.

Have a place for everything

It is important to have a good system to begin with in your rooms. Usually, problems arise when there is not enough space to pick up things in your room or organize them accordingly. Sometimes children do not know what to do if you have lots of stuff accumulated everywhere. This leads to a tedious task. By regularly decluttering excess and having a clear place for everything, you can teach kids to not only be successful with daily cleaning but to understand they only need to keep what they really need and thus carry out true organizational habits.

Give proper directions

The best way to instruct is by giving out clear directions since children do not know much about cleaning practices or what is best for cleaning their rooms. That is why precise instructions are the way to go. Make sure you let them know exactly what they have to do and how they should do it. For example, telling them to make their bed and teaching them how to. If you assign a new task, make sure you have them see you do it before leaving them to do it on their own.


If there are certain things you want your children to do, either places or tasks they could manage, try, and make a checklist. You can find some really good ones online or even make your own. Then you can properly teach them how to check off items from the list as the complete them. It is practically an easy way to make a chore chart.

Make it fun

Kids adore games and so you can try making some tasks be seen as a game. House cleaning can be fun if you find new creative ways to get things done. You can get going on creative things so you can make things more fun. For instance, the time game can be fun, sort of like a competition. However, do not let them get sloppy to finish things quickly. You can also play music in the background.

Rewards and End of the week fun

Sometimes rewards can be directly related to fluffing certain chores. You can try and create some sort of rewards at the end of the week as well or let them look forward to a memorable event on the weekend. Indulge in fun family nights or give them allowances. Try and make things relaxing and fun. You can teach them hard work and discipline too in the process.

These are only some helpful tips in order to get your children to contribute to your house cleaning chores, but we are sure there are plenty more. You can also create them yourself. Remember to be creative and make things light and enjoyable.

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