How to decide what you should keep or throw away

We tend to keep more things than necessary because we believe that in the future, we’ll be using them or they will gain value somehow. Now, this isn’t completely wrong. These items you collect may hold emotional value and thus are certainly not trash. However, the real question is, are they useful to you or not?

It’s not easy to begin decluttering, especially when there’s a lot of stuff around you. Most people run into these issues when they want to determine how useful an item is: exaggerating its need in the future, underestimating the space it’s taking up, and ignoring the actual cost that it can end up producing. 

Take a good look around your home. Do you see piles of clothes lying around, things out of place, papers that should be in the trash? It may feel a bit overwhelming to cover it all at once.

That’s why you should make sure to cover it bit by bit.

Ask yourself

Is it still useful?

Expirations dates can apply to paperwork and other things too. If you have had contracts, bills, and other papers for longer than 30 years and you’re certain you won’t need them again, they’re only wasting space. Shred and toss them away. Clothing can also have an expiration date. If it’s something you haven’t used in years but it holds sentimental value, take a picture with it or use it for something else. 

Do you have others?

Be wise if you want duplicates of an item. For instance, do you really need two coffee machines or mixers? Having duplicates takes up valuable space in your home so think twice before deciding to buy something that you already have in perfect condition at home. 

Do you use it often?

Do you use this item a lot or could you definitely get by without it. Some examples of things you probably rarely use and you haven’t even noticed include: items you bought you swore you’d use one day but haven’t, items you bought on sale because you thought they were too good to pass up, shoes you only wear for special occasions but haven’t worn in years, etc.

Decide what to do with items you’ve taken out

Now, wait. Before you get started with the entire decluttering process you need a plan. What are you going to do with the items you’ve taken out? Think about what you can do in your area like recycling materials. Do you have places nearby where you can donate? Usually the best thing you can do is start with what you’ll put away. Separate the boxes for the things you want to recycle, what you want to donate, sell, and lastly what won’t have use anymore so you want to throw away.

Mental Declutter

Decluttering also holds a hidden but very important value that goes beyond saving space and money. Decluttering helps your mental energy. It doesn;t only apply to dealing with home cleaning but mental cleaning as well. 

There’s a big amount of mental energy involved in cleaning and organizing old items as well as preparing your plan for what goes next. There’s also a great deal of energy spent on things you don’t wanna take care of. The same goes for clutter. You know it’s present and you know you should take care of it. But you keep finding ways to procrastinate and thus messing with your head and what needs to get done. The best way to resolve this is by defining a day and setting up a schedule. And, as we mentioned before, we can’t stress enough, deal with decluttering bit by bit, room by room even. If you take out all of the stuff at once from every single room, trust us, you won’t want to clean ever again. 

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