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How to Efficiently Clean Your Apartment

Just like any other space, your apartment needs a good cleanup every once in a while. It may get tough, depending on your lifestyle and the cleaning routines you have been carrying out at the moment, but it is best to see it through once you begin. Dirt, dust, grease – they all eventually make an appearance on your home and they will make your apartment less pleasant indeed.

However, no matter how overwhelming it may all seem, when you have a clear guide with you, things get much simpler. That is why we have brought the following tips to keep your apartment neat and sparkly in no time.

Declutter your household.

Probably the easiest step to begin with because it’s straightforward. Take a look at your surroundings in each room and take note of things that do not belong. It can either be piles on floors or tables of objects that are not in their rightful place. Make sure you put them back where they belong. This will give the apartment back its sense of normalcy and you will feel at ease. This is pretty much a major step in your cleaning process and seeing your home a bit cleaner will inspire you to continue with the rest. Unnecessary items won’t be in your way anymore when you continue with sweeping or vacuuming.

Take out the garbage.

Grab a big garbage bag and begin by disposing of the garbage form all the garbage cans in your apartment. When you finish you can also pick up any loose garbage on the floor or countertops. Perhaps some cans aren’t filled to the brim with trash but it’s best to get rid of all of it at once, leaving everything clean. Once you’re done, don’t seal it off and throw it away yet. You can use leave the bag somewhere in the apartment where it’s of easy reach so you can throw away any other trash that’s generated while cleaning.


Perhaps when you were decluttering, the main thing you found in piles was your clothes. It may not be your favorite thing to do but it’s best to do laundry in the middle of cleaning everything else. You can check off another thing from your to-do list. First make sure that you have gathered up all of your laundry in a basket and throw on a load on your washer. It’s good to start right in the middle of your cleanup because that will give time for the clothes to finish up in the dryer while you’re doing everything else.

Clean your Bathroom first.

Since this is probably the most complicated area to clean since it does have a lot of factors that can make it really dirty pretty easily, it’s best to start in this room and then proceed with others. Don’t run out of fumes and start by cleaning your toilet. We already have some tips for cleaning bathrooms that you can read here. Once you’re done with the toilet, you can move on to the floor, then the shower (including floor and walls) and finally the sink and mirrors. It’s a good method to begin with things that you enjoy cleaning less so as you go, you’ll feel less burdened.

Once you’re done with your bathroom, you can move on to other places like the kitchen. Clean your countertops, your fridge, and especially the grease stains on your stovetop. Make sure to get them out and if you have trouble, we also have some tips that can aid you here.


Right before vacuuming, a good tip is to dust off areas that require dusting. The dust may end up on the floor but that’s why you’ll vacuum later. Vacuums usually have lots of attachments that can help during your cleaning process. Usually, dust can be found everywhere, especially in tight spots. Make sure to get them all. Also, make sure to keep your vacuum bag empty. If its full, you’ll be moving dust all-round the place and not necessarily getting rid of it.

Sweeping and mopping can also be needed. Using a steam mop can get guarantee the removal of germs and any other viruses that could be lurking in your apartment.

A good tip for apartment cleaning is to try and clean as you go when you’re using stuff. Clutter is usually caused by moving things out of place and not returning them after using them. Over time, things accumulate and transform your once shiny apartment into an unpleasant mess. Be mindful of what you do and the time you have. If you have some minutes to spare, clean something along the way. When you build these habits, they become a part of your routine and you won’t dread them anymore.

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