How to help your kids have their rooms in order

For all parents, they know how difficult it is to keep the kid’s room tidy, but for those who have young children, they know that it is almost impossible to keep their room in order.

Being organized and clean is a skill that brings stability and joy to the home, this is an essential lesson that every child should learn because the benefits of keeping an organized and clean room are many and very important As a parent, you can motivate your child to tidy up his room

Here’s How to help children keep their room tidy:

You can educate your children to tell them that a neat room contributes to a healthier learning environment. This is the ideal start to a more organized way of life as children learn to have their rooms free from disasters; they have a greater tendency to do better in school daily activities, such as organizing their school supplies, being attentive to the tasks must do. Delivering or looking for their books and notebooks before going to school becomes easier when you know where everything is, this will help your little ones also stay mentally organized helping their academic success.

When your child’s room is neat and clean tell him what makes it look like this; there are no toys on the floor because they are in their place, the bed is made and the floor is clean, the clothes are hanging in the closet; You can even take a picture of the room for your child to have for reference.

Be a good example, if your child sees that his environment is orderly and clean, he is more likely to feel encouraged to maintain his personal space in the same way, as a clean house, healthy environment,

Before you start cleaning your child’s room. It is ideal to take a look at your child’s belongings to have a clear inventory of what to organize.

 Make a list of your little one’s toys, clothing, and other items in his room that will help you know what kinds of storage solutions will be suitable for space.

You can tell your child how much clutter is acceptable, sometimes your child’s room is just a little messy and you can just let it go, however, it is important to let him know what is not acceptable, if you consider the pieces of toys they cannot be scattered on the floor, you can clarify it with your child and tell him that he has to put the pieces in the place where they should go.

Choose the storage furniture that suits the age and style of your child, there are many types of furniture that you can use to make it easier for your little one to find and more importantly store his toys, if your child is still in the early childhood a good option is to look for containers that can be on the ground so that your little ones can reach them easily, you can choose open colored boxes wooden trunks or open shelves
Take your little one’s opinion into account when decorating his room, your child is more likely to want to keep a neat and tidy room that he feels comfortable with so ask your kid’s opinions on how they want to decorate their room, see what they likes.

 Do you want to customize it, what and what are their favorite colors, what accessories do they want or what kind of characters does he or she like?

Use visual reminders, some children need support to remember what places are supposed to look like, like bookshelves when organized take a picture of the bookshelf when it is tidy and stick it on the wall; you can also include notes, as the books are arranged in order of size, another recommendation can be:

Post a homework list on the door for your child to check off each activity after it is done.

Pay special attention to the study area, a clean and tidy place to do homework and study is important for children who have difficulty concentrating or being organized. The study area must be clean and organized, even if it is not inside the room Show your child How to keep your homework organized by using different folders for each subject.

And lastly, praise your child’s efforts. If you praise your child for being orderly, you will encourage that behavior. Even if the children do not clean their room perfectly, it is advisable to congratulate them on their effort: “the floor is much cleaner now”, “thank you for putting the toys in their place”.

Your child’s room may never be spotless, however by explaining why the order is important and supporting them, you can help your child’s room stay tidier.
A child’s room is his world as he grows up and is therefore a very important part of his childhood and growth.

A good perfect organization will make your child feel comfortable at ease and safe, turn this important space into the environment for the growth of your child

In Gomez Cleaning Service we focus on organization and maintaining a suitable, organized, and fresh space for children. If you want to know a little more information about How to keep a clean and tidy room, do not hesitate to call us and we will provide you with all the necessary information on How to keep a space clean and tidy for your children.

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