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How to Start a Cleaning Routine

You have got the cleaning down, but you do not know what needs to be cleaned and when?

Do not worry. In order to ensure a clean home, setting up a cleaning routine can aid you in eliminating the confusion of what needs to be cleaned each day, even setting up a routine for cleaning each week and month. Deep house cleaning surely needs some scheduling tips and that is what we are here to help you with.

How can you complete household chores and have a proper cleaning care? Well, you can do this by creating a simple cleaning schedule and a checklist. Sure, cleaning may seem overwhelming, worst of all if you do not know where to start and you lack motivation. Most of the time the lack of motivation, otherwise known as a bit of laziness, can also be triggered by the lack of order you have. The fact that you do not know what to clean when, which room and what to do can simply put you off.

Begin the right way.

Make your bed

It is best to begin with something simple, yet necessary in room cleaning. Make your bed. Your day will begin the right way once you fix your bed. Try to shake your bedsheets a bit and straighten them out before bringing your comforter to the mix.


Doing a load of laundry every 2 days should save you from dirty clothes accumulating in your basket. Set up a proper laundry schedule since this depends on what you have and what you want to prioritize. What should you wash during the week?

  • Beddings
  • Clothes
  • Linens (like bath towels, rugs, etc.)

Beddings should especially be washed every week since the dirt from your body tends to be left behind in your sheets at night. Towels should be washed separately from the rest and also do best when air dried. Try to be on top of your laundry, do not let it become a mountain. You will be even more lazy to tackle it.

Keep counters wiped and clear

Try to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean throughout the day. These two are very important because they can also be the most frequented areas in your home. Making sure you clean your dishes and do your laundry keeps the counters free in both areas and that is certainly good.

Now, give your counters at least one wipe down to make sure they are clean. Also, when using kitchen appliances, try to keep them in your pantry or cabinets. This will leave your counters clear as well. In the process, you can also clean your sink and wipe down tables and chairs. Wipe the sink in your bathroom as well. Another tip would be to be checking your bathroom mirrors since they also tend to get dirty with splashes of water and whatnot every day.


You may not realize how much dirt and food accumulates every day. Also, hair balls can be a big factor when cleaning, especially if you have a pet as we discussed in our previous article. If you have not read it, you can read it here. Sweep the common areas of you home every day. Those areas include the entryway, kitchen, dining and living room, bathroom, and laundry. These can change depending on your home. Make sure you sweep after your family eats, keeping an eye out on the areas your little kids eat in.


The beginning of our day leaves a bit of a mess behind with breakfast. Make sure you wash your dishes and dry them before continuing your cleaning routine. If you have a dishwasher, start by unloading it. Run the dishwasher so your sink remains empty and you can clean dishes easily in your dishwasher.

The main thing is to make sure that after each meal, the sink is clear of dishes.

Other clean tips

What to clean and when should you clean it?

Ah, our main struggle. When you clean your house, it is definitely nice to have some direction, so you know what you are doing and where you are going. However, we are here to tell you there is no specific way of doing things. Sure, there are some things that should be definitely added to your cleaning schedule such as doing laundry, making your bed, sweeping floors, etc. But the truth is it all depends on your home and how you want to approach things.

Are you looking for a real simple checklist? We would recommend this one.

Clean during the day

The importance of incorporating a daily cleaning schedule is that it allows you to clean a little at a time. Taking five minutes to sweep the floor saves you from sweeping the floor twenty minutes any other day. To keep yourself in check, we have a couple reminders. After you have each meal, do a quick wipe down. Begin your day by kicking off with your cleaning routine and end your day with a little cleaning.

Now, are you in need of a cleaning service? Make sure to contact us. We will attend to your needs.

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