Cleaning your Pool

Pool 101: How to Clean your Pool

Have you gone for a swim lately? When is the last time you cleaned your pool? And by that we mean really clean it. Perhaps your pool needs a good deep cleaning/scrubbing, and you have been putting it off because cleaning may not be as fun as swimming with friends and family.

We understand, we all tend to slack off from time to time because let’s face it, we are human. But if you are not cleaning your pool on a weekly basis there will come a day, sooner rather than later, that you simply will not be able to swim in your pool because it is just too dirty.

Thorough pool cleaning care will ensure clean and safe water throughout the swimming season. With the right equipment, you can brush, and clean your way to a sparkling pool in no time.

Why is it important?

You might be thinking that scrubbing and cleaning your pool is not really necessary since you already add chlorine and other chemicals that should be doing just that, keeping it clean. Now, while this is a valid question, there is a reason why scrubbing is essential to your cleaning routine.

You can think of your pool the same way you think of your shower. When you take showers, you use shampoo, conditioner, and other cleaning products. Does your shower stay clean forever? No. Shampoo and other cleaning agents are meant to clean your body, not tiles or porcelain. After a while, you will logically start to see buildup.

Also, since your shower walls tend to stay wet for a while after showering, mold can also start to grow. The same thing happens to your pool. Chlorine and other chemicals help keep your water clean and, to a degree, they also help keep the walls, floor, and surrounding areas of your pool clean too. However, chemicals will not keep bugs or leaves out of your pool nor will they keep the walls and floor clean for an indefinite amount of time.

This means that in addition to using chlorine and other chemicals, you also need to clean your pool regularly.

Clean Leaves and Debris

A task that should be done daily, cleaning and skimming are the first steps of your weekly maintenance routine.

In order to keep your pool looking clear, skimming should be done every day. Don’t worry, it takes less than five minutes. More importantly, the debris you constantly skim off the top of the water will not have a chance to dirty the bottom of your pool which will save you some work.

Use a long-handled skimmer to gather up leaves and any other debris floating around on your pool. Try to always remove debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool where it becomes difficult to remove and may create stains on your floors.

To prevent debris from sinking to the bottom of your pool, skim the water daily. This will also facilitate the process of vacuuming.

Brush your pool

As you may know, Algae and small bits of debris can also gather on the walls, slides, and ladders of your pool. That is why, to ensure a proper cleanup, you need to brush the pools’ walls to remove dirt and prevent the buildup of algae.

Try to, at least twice a week, brush the walls and corners of your pool. Be sure to get into every nook and cranny possible, brushing all the possible algae nests away. Pushing the algae into the water also makes it easier for chlorine to kill the algae.

However, if you have a severe algae formation problem, brushing it away might not do. You will need to contact an expert or take more drastic measures to get rid of it.

Vacuum the Pool

When the algae and other buildup have been brushed away from the walls, they can also be vacuumed up along with debris floating aimlessly to the bottom of your pool. With an automatic vacuum, you can just plug in your cleaner and let it do the hard job for you. There are three kinds of pool vacuums: pressure, suction and lastly robotic.

A pressure vacuum uses a pressure line from the filtration system to move accordingly around your pool. They usually need an extra booster pump in order to run. On the other hand, a suction vacuum is much more affordable. They use the water flow from your filtration system and attach to a skimmer. Lastly, having a robotic vacuum will save you some work since it is energy-efficient and also it does its job, separating from your pool’s filtration system.

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