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Post-Holiday Cleanup

Happy New Year!

After having fun on the holidays, it is ideal to spend some time on your house and getting things back to the preferred order. You can start by checking around the house and having an idea of where you are going to start. For instance, you can begin by putting away your decorations, however sad it may be. This is also the perfect opportunity to catch up with areas that have not been properly cleaned. Now this is how you can begin with your post-holiday cleanup!

We will be talking about certain areas you will want to focus on and clean, but you can add others to the list depending on your needs.



This is one of the main things you should clean, especially after using it to cook all of your holiday meals. This is mainly because of possible spills, leftover grease, others. For this method you will need to use baking soda and water. You mix them together until you create a paste and spread it on the oven. You can leave it on for 30 minutes or more depending on how dirty your oven is. Then you can continue by scrubbing and rinsing. Most of the dirt will come off easily. On the other hand, if you have a steam cleaner it will probably make the process quite simple. Now, in order to clean your cooktops or the hood you start by boiling water on a pot. The steam will loosen up the grease and it will make it easier to remove later on.


There were probably a lot of leftovers left behind and packed up tightly in the fridge, leading to shoving it in wherever it would fit. This makes it difficult to find things inside. Now is the perfect chance to see what is actually worth keeping and what you have to throw away. You start by taking everything out of your fridge and cleaning everything. You can use a wet cloth or a scrub. Take out the cabinets and clean them in your kitchen sink. It will be easier to get all of the corners this way. Throw away old food or expired food. Make sure to thoroughly clean the containers that were being used. You can start putting everything back and organizing certain things. It would also be preferable to start thinking on meals you can make with your leftovers. Save yourself from doing any additional grocery shopping and wasting good food.

If you would like to read more kitchen cleaning tips, you can visit our post here.


It can be our least favorite place to clean but it is also the one that has to be cleaned the most. It is recommendable to keep up a good regimen while cleaning your bathroom. Try to clean your toilet every week and your shower at least 2 times a week. This will save you from strenuous work that can take place later on if you let the dirt accumulate. Try to keep up with the basics and cleaning later on will be a piece of cake. Now, after holidays you should give the toilets an extra thorough cleaning and scrubbing. Make sure to clean all areas in and around the toilet, like the walls and the sink. You can also find time to spend on things like the shower curtains or doors if that is what you have. Also, try to clean your floors as well if you did not get much time to do so on the holidays. If you want to read more about bathroom cleaning, you can check out our other post here.

Living Room


We know that right after celebrations, a few things may have ended up on your carpet, leaving some stains behind. Sometimes they may be hard to notice but vacuuming can help discern what you may have spilled. A good carpet cleaner is created with a mix of dishwasher soap, hydrogen peroxide and water. However, you should make sure you clean up the mess as much as possible before proceeding with the deep cleaning methods. This way you avoid any messes. The mixture can work well with different kinds of stains, so it is definitely worth a try, especially if you do not know what has caused the stain.

These are only some of the areas we recommend you focus on post-holiday. Feel free to deep clean others depending on the celebrations you have, or which areas were highly trafficked. Cleaning may not be as fun as having fun on holidays, but it does ensure your wellbeing and your loved ones. It is good to adopt certain routines and improve your lifestyle.

Are you tired of cleaning your home by yourself? If the workload is too much do not hesitate and contact us. We will do the hard work for you. Enjoy your life and let us manage your cleaning needs!

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