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Storage Ideas for your Home

One of the main problems that can take place in your house happens when you no longer have many places for storage. This may seem overwhelming because all of a sudden, the lack of free space can make your place look a bit cramped. Also, the lack of storage for your possessions can be very frustrating when you are trying to accommodate everything in your house. It is important to have a good amount of storage in each room. That way you don’t end up storing stuff randomly in places where they don’t belong. It’s important to eliminate all clutter as well in order to avoid confusing it with things that are actually necessary.

The following are some of the units you can use for storage in your home:


Probably the one you were thinking about first. Shelves are the most common method of storage. They can be used in every room no matter how big or small. The trick is to accommodate the size of the shelve to the space within the room. For instance, a shelve in the bathroom should be smaller than a shelve in the living room. This is because bathrooms tend to be smaller than any other room in your house. Then again, that depends on your home. Shelves can also be distinguished by the type of material they are made up of or the kind of installation they require.

Square containers

Square containers can definitely be a good option since they maximize space. Try to avoid round containers since they can’t fit nicely against the wall and thus, they leave tiny spaces unused. Also, get good quality containers. Some of these – depending on what you use them for – may be subjected to elements or changes in temperature that could affect its condition.

Storage benches

They are usually found in the entry hall, but they can be placed anywhere you’d like. They serve their purpose by being used for storage and also serving as a bench.

Open-faced lockers

Again, usually found in the entry hall but can also be used in other rooms. They allow you and your family to easily put away your shoes, coats, and others when you enter a room. These sort of give off a mudroom-feel since it serves the purpose of the room itself but without taking up much space.

Wall hooks

These are revolutionary. You may not realize you need them but once you use them, you’ll want them in every room. All kinds of things can be hung from hooks. They are also easy to install so you won’t need help in that aspect. Nonetheless, something to keep in mind is to make sure they are installed properly and sturdily so they won’t come off on the first use. Also, we recommend you get long hooks since they handle weight better.


Long and tall baskets, sometimes made out of wicker, can be kept in bathrooms or laundry rooms for dirty clothes. However, they can also store other items you may not use as often.

Shoe racks

These can look odd, but the truth is they maximize space within your closets. You can stack them vertically and use what’s free for other apparel or simply give your closet some breathing space. Just make sure you don’t use too many or pack too much onto them because it may end up looking like clutter once again.

Closet Shelving

The area it provides better for folding space than hanging actual items in it. Make sure these shelves are sturdy and you can customize them according to whatever you need. They can be good for shoes, towels, clothes, jewelry, etc.


A vanity is the most classic way to add storage to a bathroom. You can store all kinds of things in here but try to make sure they are things you need. Try not to organize the cabinets in a way that what is needed is at the top and what is not of immediate use is at the bottom. Just saving you from the unnecessary pain of scouring and making a mess later.

Medicine Cabinet

Perhaps you don’t want a vanity. They may be a bit big for your taste. Try and get a medicine cabinet instead. They are usually hung over your sink and can keep your cosmetics as well as your medicine close at hand. There are plenty of options out there. You just need to find the one that suits your home.

These are some of the storage ideas we encourage you to try out. There are many more out there. You just have to know what you need for your home. If you have any more ideas, make sure to leave your comments down below. We’ll be reading them!

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