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The importance of Cleaning Habits

In Gomez Cleaning Service it has always been a priority to maintain clean spaces. Due to the pandemic of COVID19 many people started taking cautious care of cleaning needs. We’ve learned more about the importance of maintaining safe and clean areas that are free from germs and bacteria.

To prevent contamination, it is necessary to clean constantly, and to inform yourself how to sanitize the best way possible your most frequent areas. The importance of cleaning cannot be ignored by anyone, specially these days.

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are everywhere! Some are helpful, such as those living in our own body. There are many harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness or death, for example coronavirus. These infections might be spread in many ways, in this case we’ve identifies two:

  1. Contact from person to person.
  2. By touching infected objects like keys, door handles, tools and more.

How can you prevent contamination?

You’ve must have heard it before, but washing your hands constantly prevent the spread of bacteria. For it to be effective you must know how to do the best hand washing technique. Other thing you can incorporate to you daily routine is using gloves while doing chores, this way you prevent cross contaminating possible bacteria. And not forget to disinfect constantly the objects that are frequently used. A great example of this is your phone, we spent a large amount of time around technology specially our phones, so it’s indispensable to maintain those disinfected constantly.

Keeping social distance is key, and implementing these practices help on preventing viruses to keep spreading. It is recommended to stay 6 feet away from others, as well as using mask and applying disinfectant gel to sanitize your hands.

Things to keep in mind while cleaning and disinfecting thins:

  • Use disposable gloves for completing your cleaning routine and disinfection.
  • Make sure to clean using soap and water, later use disinfectant to give it the final touch.
  • Read manufacturer’s instructions and clean items according to what’s required.
  • When washing your hands, apply the 20seconds technique. Remember to use soap and water.

Disinfecting & Cleaning: How to do this effectively

Here we’ve collected some directions you must follow to complete your cleaning tasks effectively:

  • Make sure to check out the directions and follow them to ensure safe and effective use.
  • Don’t forget to protect yourself, wear gloves to protect your skin and also take into consideration using eye protection for avoiding chemicals entering all over your face.
  • Have a ventilation method, that lets air flow and get away toxic odors. Use no more than the amount recommended on the label
  • By any circumstances, do not mix products that might have a chemical reaction. Label diluted cleaning solutions
  • Place your cleaning products out of the reach of little kids, dogs and cats.

One thing that is very important, is knowing which product you might need for cleaning your space. Being equipped with the necessary supplies and materials is indeed necessary and indispensable. Here we leave you a list of products you need to add to your shopping list right now and acquire them in your next trip to the grocery store.

  1. Disinfecting Products: You need to have materials for constantly disinfecting your area. We recommend having in hand spray alcohol, gel and Clorox wipes. These three are essential in your everyday life now, due to coronavirus we don’t want to have germs all over our place.
  2. Washing your hands: For washing your hands properly it is key to have soap, they are many presentations of soap so choose what best fits to your preferences. From solid blocks of soap to liquid gel, every type is functional and just depends on you.
  3. Laundry: The clothes we wear are possible carriers of germs and viruses. So is recommended you do your laundry constantly, for this you’re going to be needing detergent and bleach. For a better disinfection of your clothes.

Our lives have been changing these past months, COVID19 has change our cleaning needs and we must take cautious care of it. Hiring a professional cleaning service must be in your list now days, as a cleaning company we manage things in the best way and offer you quality service. Times can be stressful, and Gomez Cleaning Services are here to help you. With experience and knowledge, we carry and develop tasks effectively. By hiring a professional cleaning company, they’ll do more than mopping floors. With our cleaning team we you can ensure that all the dirty stuff will be removed.

Gomez Cleaning Service provides to their clients the best service located in Parkville, Maryland. Get a free quote here on the website, any doubts or questions we’ll be happy to answer those so call us now! Remember to enjoy your life and let us manage your cleaning needs.

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