tips on how to clean your garage

Tips on How to Clean your Garage

As you may know, the garage is a place that is used to keep your car. However, it is known that you can use it to store lots of other stuff as well. All this clutter can even keep you from parking your car inside, which is the whole purpose of a garage really. That is why in this article we will provide you with the best tips on how to clean your garage.

First, try clearing out and separating everything you absolutely need. Then pick out the things you can or want to donate, sell, or throw away. This process can take a lot of time if you distract yourself a lot. Try and set a goal for an amount of time you want to be cleaning the garage. Perhaps give yourself no more than one weekend.

Useful steps to clean your garage


As we mentioned before, start by clearing out everything. This way you can find out what is in it and what you should keep. Many times, we accumulate a lot of things that we do not necessarily need, and we do not even notice. Begin by picking a section of the garage and start bringing stuff out. Make sure you know what you have and how much space it takes. This can help you later when you want to get any boxes or containers to organize it.

What you should keep

Be especially careful with what you choose to keep. Is it necessary? Is it useful? If you are just keeping it because you think you are going to use it later, you might want to rethink that. Many of the things that cause clutter in your garage are things you did not even know where you wanted to keep them. This may give you a clue on whether you should donate it, throw it away or not. Usually, what you should keep include things you have used more than one time during the past year, tools, and things that work. Do not keep things you have been wanting to fix and that have been lying there for the past three years. You are not going to fix them.

Identify items you would like to sell or donate first. Have plastic bins, boxes, or bags on hand so that you can pack up donation items.

Deep Cleaning

Once you have finally decluttered your garage and have identified the things that are going to stay, you can start deep cleaning it. With all your stuff laid out of the way, we recommend you start cleaning from top to bottom. Dust off shelves, cabinets, or any other material that accumulates dust. Make sure to dust thoroughly. Since it is not cleaned very often, it does tend to accumulate more dust and dirt. Once you are done, start cleaning the garage walls with a damp warm cloth and detergent. Then you can proceed to sweep the floors to get rid of the dust and dirt. You can then mop the floors and scrub them a bit if they are dirty. Finally, hose them down with some water. Once you are done you can rest a bit and let the garage dry out for two or three hours.

Some tips we recommend you try out include removing the residue motor oil your cars leave behind with a dish soap and a wire scrub brush. Like in the bathroom, get rid of mold by using vinegar diluted in warm water. Instead of a warm cloth, you can use a sponge mop to clean your garage walls with detergent. You can pat dry your walls with a microfiber cloth. If you cannot wait two or three hours for your floor to dry, you can connect a floor fan to speed it up.

Organization and Finishing touches

Once you know what you are keeping and you have cleaned your garage, you can proceed and organize everything in a way it will not build up clutter once again. You can start by installing some shelves in your garage if you do not have any. This will keep everything away from the floor and prevent piling up stuff on top of each other. This can also keep all your necessary materials within reach. You can also opt for getting a closet or perhaps cabinets to store things you do not use as much. This will keep them out of the way and in storage in case you need them later. Do you have many tools in your garage? You might want to consider getting a pegboard. It is much easier to keep your tools this way. They will be organized and the risk of losing them diminishes. You can also decide to get some hooks or save a bin you can easily place in a corner for bigger tools like shovels, ladders, and other materials.

Deep cleaning can be no easy job but with these tips on how to clean your garage you will get it decluttered and neat in no time.

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