Transform your Life by Tidying Up

You may already know what clutter is, but have you any idea of how it comes to be? Clutter is usually associated with words like untidy, messy, piles, heaps, junk, etc. It’s a collection of things that lie around in untidy messes.

However, clutter originates from indecision. Basically, it’s not knowing where things are supposed to go or not having a place for them. Coming to grips with this can help you find a spot for everything later on. “Tidying can transform your life” promises Marie Kondo, having established a KonMari method of decluttering that we encourage you to read more about on her book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The lifestyle that favors owning less in order to reduce stress and live a more meaningful life. Decluttering can help you feel lighter since having less stuff means you focus on stuff that is really important to you.

Excessive clutter is often a system that can also affect other aspects of your life. Clutter is a form of distraction that stems from indecision as we’ve stated before and thus it lets in chaos into your life. It can be a bit overwhelming to tackle clutter when you don’t know where to begin. However, we recommend you devote your time to getting rid of clutter little by little. It’s the best way to declutter your home. Here’s some tips on how you can declutter your life:

Reduce your amount of commitments

Often times we feel a bit overwhelmed with stuff we do at home, work school and with friends and family. Contemplate what is going on around you and jot down your commitments. Another way to reduce to reduce your commitments is identifying what you truly love, what truly sparks joy, and get rid of the rest.

Start with your desk

Your desk is where you usually spend most of your time at home. Clear everything from the top of your desk and also take everything out of the drawers. Start assembling the items you’ve taken out in piles on the floor. Sort through your stuff that was both in your desk and on top. Throw out papers and garbage that has accumulated the past few days.

If you need to, you can label things, but the main thing you should do is designate a spot for everything. Keep flat surfaces clear. Also, we recommend you add an inbox for incoming papers.

Declutter your bedroom

Begin with your nightstand, removing items that need to be thrown away. Do the same process for things that are on top of your dressers and other flat surfaces. Put items that are out of place in the catch-all bin and then take them to their respective rooms. Place your dirty clothes and return your clean clothes to your closet.

Also, do you know who’s the biggest clutter culprit in most bedrooms? Even if it’s behind closed doors, it’s your closet. Your closet is often filled to the brim with clothes you don’t even wear anymore or clothes you couldn’t get back into the hanger. However, the best way to avoid clutter in the form of clothes, shoes, and accessories is by buying less BUT if this sounds like no fun to you, try to get rid of items or clothes you don’t wear as regularly.

Clean and organize your living room

The living room is a space that is usually adapted to the rest of the family members. You begin organizing your living room by identifying stuff that doesn’t belong. If you don’t really need these items, you can either donate them if they are in good condition or throw them away if they’re not. Next, clear out underneath your sofa cushions. Also, get in the habit of ridding yourself of old magazines or newspapers.


Declutter your bathroom

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in every home, but they tend to be the messiest. Why? Well, this is where you keep everything that leaves you clean and presentable. Trust us, next thing you know, your bathroom is overflowing with toiletries. First things first, only keep things you’re using in your bathroom and get rid of everything else. Products you bought three years ago? Throw them away. New products you haven’t been using? Put them away in a separate compartment, away from the top of your sink and take them out when you start using them.

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